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Would you like to keep a budget but don’t know where to start? Do you have your money in different places and want an easy way to keep an eye on all your cash? If you need help spending your money or controlling your finances xxx, a budgeting app might be what you require. Thankfully, several budgeting apps are in the market, and they all have something unique to offer.


1.     Mint – Best for Saving

Mint has been the gold standard for budgeting tools for a long time, and the app takes the top spot for several reasons.  It updates and categorizes transactions automatically, thus giving you a realistic picture of spending in real-time. Users are allowed to customize their categories, split transactions, set budgets, and track bills. When users exceed their maximum spending limits, they receive a notification on their phones. The service also offers free credit score monitoring and free credit scores.


2.     Pocketguard – Best for Capping Overspending

As the name implies, pocketguard helps you to restrain from spending more than you should. The application links to all your financial accounts and allows you to track your spending compared to your monthly budget. It is one of the most user-friendly money management apps for Android phones because you can connect it to your bank accounts. It tracks your earnings, recurring and daily expenses, and the deposits you make to your savings account. The app has a feature to help track individual bills and find saving opportunities.


3.     Simplifi – Best for Cash Flow

Simplifi takes a top position on this list because it provides a personalized spending plan with real-time updates throughout the month. It syncs your bank accounts to show you where you stand and track your progress on financial goals. It keeps track of your monthly subscriptions and bills, including what you don’t use. It is best for cash flow because of its useful tracking capabilities. It is the best option for staying on top of your expenditures between your paychecks. The outstanding feature is the custom watch list, limiting spending by payee or category.


4.     YNAB – Best for Zero-Based Budgeting

The robust, hands-on application helps users to learn how to live on the last month’s income. There is no doubt that it is for the committed users because they must plan for every dollar they earn. You can connect it to banks, contribute to savings, set goals, and customize spending categories.   Although it requires subscribing, it is worth every penny you invest. Students that provide proof of enrollment receive 12 free months’ subscription.


5.     Simple – Best for Connecting to a Bank Account

Simple is more than a budgeting app – it is an online bank account that replaces the traditional checking account. It has tons of useful built-in budgeting features. When your budget and bank are on the same application, you have an easy time keeping everything under control. After all, you only have to visit one place to view and manage your finances. It tracks your income and expenditure automatically and has a goal feature to motivate your savings.



Now that everyone wants to improve how they save and budget their finances, turning to the tech world for guidance is critical; whether you need a money management application to budget or save money, there is something for you. Some are free, while others require a minimal monthly subscription.