black smartphone on white table

As far as phones go, 2022 is off to a promising start. We have already seen the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and the impressive Xiaomi Mi 11 (in China), and we can’t wait to experience the other major phone launches scheduled for this year. From the oddities like the LG Rollable to the high-profile iPhone 13, here are the best phone launches to look forward to in 2022.


1.     iPhone 13 Range

It is among the highly anticipated phone for 2022, but we have a long wait because they won’t be out until September. We expect some significant updates to this model xnxx, such as in-screen fingerprint scanners, 1TB storage, and high refresh rate screens.

If Apple maintains the design of the previous models, we expect the 13-series to measures 5.4” by 6.1” by 6.7”. There are also some rumors about a periscope camera, which would enable increased optical zoom range.


2.     Huawei P50

Having experienced the Huawei P range flagship, we can attest that they have some of the best cameras fitted in mobile devices. They also feature impressive hardware and competitive power. There is no doubt that Huawei P50 will have better features than its predecessors.

The Huawei ban made it impossible for the company to use Google Play Store. However, the company found substitutes, and their phones come with the necessary software.


3.     LG Rollable

This is the first handset with a rollable screen. LG has confirmed the existence of the device and its launch in 2021. In a teaser sent by the manufacturer, the phone extends from a smartphone to a tablet size without folding it.

Although the teaser shows the screen extending in one direction, it might extend to the right and left screen edges based on the LG’s patent. The folding mechanism is entirely hidden within the phone to look like a regular smartphone.


4.     Nokia 10

The long-awaited Nokia launch is finally here. Initially, we thought that they would be launching Nokia 9.1, but rumors have it that we will be seeing Nokia 10 this year.

Nokia 10 is predicted to feature an in-screen selfie camera, a stainless steel frame, a sapphire glass display, and a high-end Snapdragon 888 chipset. The anticipated features suggest that this will be a premium phone.


5.     Oppo Find X3 Range

Over the past few years, Oppo has risen to become a leading phone manufacturing company. It has been rivaling the best brands, and its upcoming X3 range is expected to continue moving mountains. It might be more innovative and exciting than many of the big-name flagships.

The new Oppo X3 range is rumored to have a macro camera that functions like a microscope and 25x zoom and lights around the lenses. The phone might also have an NFC that works on both its front and back ends. Therefore, you can tap the screen against payment terminals instead of the small rear feature on most phones.



The phone manufacturing industry has come a long way, and we are excited to see what 2021 will offer. Many of the major brands have already announced their releases for the year. If you are considering upgrading your gadget, stick around because good things are on the way.